Connecting people

Kleio TechX is in the business of connecting people through innovation and technology. We have a dedicated and experienced partner development team which has won numerous accolades in the field.

This technological arm specializes in procuring general software to increase efficiency and precision in businesses, specifically, for use in the supply chain, medical healthcare, and logistics industries.

Technology and innovation are especially important in finding that edge in today's globalized world. With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Machine Intelligence (AI, ML, and MI) having been more science fiction than fact, this technology is picking up.

Companies are steering towards automation in a bid to improve efficiency and reduce cost. AI, ML, and MI offer easy-to-apply yet complex, multifaceted methods that companies can use to “teach” machines iterative processes and make decisions on their own. Machine Learning, in particular, allows the machine to learn and recognize decision evaluation factors. Simply put, over time a machine can use decision making and mental models to critically evaluate and choose between various options – sentient machines may not be as far-fetched as it seems!