How Kleio One-Solution helps people and communities around the world

Kleio Logistics: Uniting the world

In a globalized world, One-Solution visualizes a world not of 195 countries, but of 1 community. Kleio Logistics helps to achieve this vision by connecting the supply chain around the world through its extensive network and comprehensive, cost-effective service for the logistics industry globally.

Kleio + MediCare™: Protecting and improving communities

Kleio + MediCare™ has provided the pharmaceutical industry with essential commodities such as respiratory masks and hand sanitizers, and during periods of unmet demand, has also expedited production when need be. Besides the above-mentioned products offering, the company is also active in the fields of Stem Cell technology, biotechnology, life science, and medical apparatus. Concurrently, significant investment in Research and Development is being done - it is with such an approach that the company hopes to remain a significant contributor of value to the medical industry for the long haul. Finally, to offer a complete and well-rounded approach, the company also carries a line of general, lifestyle health products.

Kleio TechX: Building productive businesses

TechX allows more integrated systems processing among the three companies of One-Solution. It is responsible for maintaining a general software to be used for streamlining and organizing the multiple and ongoing processes. The "X" at the end of the name stands for eXpedite, which TechX provides through software innovation.