Corporate philosophy and Kleio One-Solution

Our reason for doing what we do is you.

Kleio One-Solution takes a people-centric approach in all our business ventures. We believe that building a strong connection with people helps to break down doors and keep business relevant. Often, great businesses have a leadership that intricately understands the importance of this connection to the people and marketplace, enabling them to adapt to a constantly changing global landscape and find new industries that are in need of support.

This people-centric approach, or empathy, is the catalyst that leads businesses to always seek ideas, innovation and solutions that really matter to people.

Currently, we oversee three corporate arms:

  • Kleio Logistics, with focus on supply chain and logistics
  • Kleio + MediCare™, which provides better patientcare through protective products and biomedical research
  • Kleio TechX, which uses technology to increase efficiency and precision